SiteKiosk Online has arrived!


SiteKiosk Online has arrived!

7. julio 2022

We are pleased to offer SiteKiosk Online, a new generation of our kiosk software.

What is SiteKiosk Online and what does it mean for you as our customers?

SiteKiosk Online is

• an all-in-one kiosk solution for any use case: from digital signage displays to HR terminals and interactive self-service (self-order) terminals
• the next-gen advancement of SiteKiosk in combination with the SiteKiosk Server (SiteRemote / SiteCaster)
• an extensive technical redevelopment based on current standards

SiteKiosk Online provides

• PROTECT, terminal lockdown, protection against manipulation, operational reliability
• MANAGE, remote monitoring, remote access, data exchange and administration
• SHOW, digital signage, secure browser application and interactive kiosk applications

SiteKiosk Online means

• Easy centralized configuration done from your browser
• One license for everything. The client and server package are combined in one license
• Only one price, including updates and support without any additional costs during the license period

And what will happen to the “old” SiteKiosk?

The existing software will remain as SiteKiosk Classic. It can still be purchased and used especially for “stand-alone” solutions. For existing customers, the SiteKiosk server will also remain in its original form. All of these products will continue to receive security updates, but the further development of new features will only take place in the new product SiteKiosk Online. Therefore, we directly recommend SiteKiosk Online as the future-oriented and powerful product of choice for new projects and new customers.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions regarding SiteKiosk.

With kind regards