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Remote Monitoring

Under Remote Monitoring in the SiteKiosk Android configuration you will find the option to register the Android tablet with a SiteRemote server.
You can use the optional remote management tool to monitor, maintain and remotely control your kiosk tablets online. Managing and distributing SiteCaster/digital signage content is also possible. For that you need an account on a SiteRemote server. You can create a free 30-day trial account at www.siteremote.net.

After you created your SiteRemote account you can tap the Register/Unregister SiteRemote option on the Remote Monitoring configuration page. Fill out the required fields, and the optional ones as well if you like, and tap on the register button.
The registered tablet will show up in the new machines folder under your SiteRemote account.

Optionally you can turn on the sending of location information. If you use this feature SiteRemote will automatically display the position of the tablet on a map on the overview page of the device in your SiteRemote team.
You can also choose to enable the option to write the position to the log files, so you may use the coordinate information to track movement of your tablets.
Note: On Android 8 and higher clients the device will show as offline if SiteKiosk is not running, even if the device is not turned off. The CPU graph on the Hardware tab will only show the CPU usage of SiteKiosk Android. Both restrictions are due to the security model of Android 8 and higher and the limitations it imposes on applications.

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