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About - information on the team

We started developing SiteKiosk(TM) in the summer of 1997. Sitekiosk has become one of the most commonly used applications in the field of public access terminals world-wide. In April 2003, SiteKiosk was awarded the Runner UP KioskCom Award 2003 for best/most innovative kiosk software.

The core of the software and the entire GUI of the browser are written in VC++, .net and HTML. A dedicated team works on the project full-time.

At this point, we would like to thank all of our testers! We would also like to thank Ulrich von Zadow for providing his "paintlib" and Eric Young (eay@mincom.oz.au) for providing his "SSL library."

Last, not least, we would also like to thank the following team members for their successful contribution to this product:
Muenster, Germany
Andreas Köpf
Development Lead
Christoph Niehus
Chief Executive, Europe
Heinz Horstmann
Executive Director, USA

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