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SiteKiosk System Security Manager - Access Rights

The following settings apply to the access rights the restricted user account "SiteKiosk" will have to the file system.
1. Define access rights
Defining the access rights for the restricted user account is of vital importance when it comes to providing maximum security for your file system.
Be careful with FAT file systems:
Only NTFS-formatted file systems provide a sufficient amount of protection. Should you deploy FAT-formatted hard drives, you will be shown a caution notice as soon as the Security Manager starts. For more information, click here.

1.1 Allow access to My Documents

The default settings allow every restricted user of SiteKiosk to access the folder "My Documents" for viewing, saving, or deleting files.

Should you, however, do not want to grant your users access to this folder (including its subfolders), turn this checkbox off.

If you want to restrict user access to the folder "My Documents", make sure these settings do not conflict with the settings of SiteKiosk's File and download manager. Turning this check box off here may prevent users being able to download any more files.

1.2 Advanced access rights
Options for defining the access rights very specifically for each and every folder of the file system can be found in the section Folder access. Click here to open the corresponding page of the help file.

2. Hide drives
Select the drives you do not want to be displayed in Explorer. Please note that the drives will only be hidden from view. They will, however, not be automatically protected as well. Unless you explicitly deny access to these drives, users may still be able to get hold of files or open folders stored on them.

If you, for example, want to make it possible for your users to save files to their floppy disks (A:), you should turn the corresponding check box off. The same applies to USB sticks and their drive designation.

Note that you will have to disable the policy Hide My Computer on desktop and in Windows Explorer to allow users access to unlocked drives.

Even if you "hide" drives from your users, there is a possibility that they will still be able to view the content of these drives through certain dialog boxes (e.g. Save as) by entering the path manually.

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