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Enhanced security through keyboard lock

Keyboard lock during Windows startup

You can use the keyboard lock to suppress all keyboard input while Windows is being started. You will, thereby, prevent users from interfering with the auto login process in any way. Even the key combination CTRL-ALT-DEL will have no effect while startup is in progress. Without this option enabled, your system will be unprotected while the system is booting. You should, therefore, definitely enable this option!
check Emergency key combinations

In order for you to be able to access your system in the event of errors, you can specify two emergency key combinations which will unlock the keyboard.

The default combination (which may, of course, also be known to a potential hacker) is:
  1. Key combination
    CTRL left + SHIFT right + Backspace
  2. Key combination
    ALT left + SHIFT right + Delete

Pressing these two keyboard combinations one at a time while booting is in progress (or, for instance, when the login dialog box appears) will disable the keyboard lock and allow you to use your keyboard again.
You must press the keys of each combination at the same time, i.e. all three of the 1st combination at the same time, release, then all three of the 2nd combination at the same time, release.
You can choose any key combination you like. It is even possible to define no key at all for the first two keys of the combination. The easiest key combination in this regard would be:
  1. Key combination
    no key no key 1
  2. Key combination
    no key no key 2

Please do not run any risks and make a note of the combinations you define! Without these combinations you may not be able to access your operating system if necessary. If you run into this problem, please consult the FAQ section on our website and look for the entry "No access to the operating system after shell replacement."

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