CurrencyFormatter Object

The CurrencyFormatter object contains the SiteCash currency environment.

Members Table

    The following table lists the members provided by the CurrencyFormatter object.

    Properties Description
    CurDigits Number of digits after the comma.
    CurrencySymbol Currency symbol.
    ISOCode Currency ISO description.
    SymPlacement Symbol placement position.
    Methods Description
    Format Formats a long value into a string.
    Format2 Formats a double value into a string.
    Initialize Initializes the CurrencyFormatter.
    ParseString Formats a string into a long value.
    ParseString2 Formats a string into a double value.
    SetLCID Sets the locale ID.

    This object is returned by the SiteCash.CreateCurrencyFormatter or SiteCafe.CreateCurrencyFormatter method. Use the CurrencyFormatter object to determine or change the way you want the currency information to be displayed.

    Note that the path of a file using SiteKiosk objects must be allowed in the
    SiteKiosk configuration (Security -> Access -> URL's With Script Permission)
    if it is not a browser skin file.
    The following example shows the currency symbol in an alert window.

    <SCRIPT TYPE="text/javascript">
    mycfm = SiteKiosk.Plugins("SiteCash").CreateCurrencyFormatter();

Applies to
    SiteKiosk v5.0 (and later versions).

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