CurLayout Property

The CurLayout property gets and sets the current touch screen keyboard layout.


    [str=] SiteKiosk.Keyboard.CurLayout
Possible Values
    String value that specifies or retrieves the layout 
    of the touch screen keyboard.

    The property is read/write.
    In order to be able to use this property, you must have configured a touch screen keyboard.
    You can directly assign a specific sub-layout by adding its name to the keyboard name (see the example below). The keyboard name is case sensitive.
    The following example uses two buttons to switch between TX82-Ultra English (docked) and the the TX82-Ultra English (floating) keyboard layout. It also directly calls the big/extended sub-layout of the docked version.

    	<SCRIPT TYPE="text/javascript">
    		function ChangeKeybLayout(lstr_layoutname)
    			SiteKiosk.Keyboard.CurLayout = 
    		<input type="button" value="TX82-Ultra 
    		English (docked)" onclick="ChangeKeybLayout
    		('TX82-Ultra English (docked)\\\\eng, docked, 
    		big');" /><br />
    		<input type="button" value="TX82-Ultra 
    		English (floating)" onclick="
    		ChangeKeybLayout('TX82-Ultra English 
    		(floating)');" />

Applies to
    SiteKiosk v7.8 (and later versions).

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