NotifyIconInfo Object

The NotifyIconInfo object provides information about an icon of the notification area.

Members Table

    The following table lists the members provided by the NotifyIconInfo object.

    Properties Description
    CallbackMessage Callback message to send to the notify window.
    GuidItem GUID of the icon.
    Icon Handle of the icon.
    ID ID of the icon.
    Info Text of the balloon.
    InfoFlags Icon type.
    InfoTitle Title of the balloon.
    NotifyWindow Handle of the window to inform about clicks.
    SiteKioskApp If the program is a configured external application.
    State Visibility state of the icon.
    Timeout Timeout period of the balloon.
    Tip Text of the tooltip.
    Version Version information of the callback messages.

    This object is returned by the Item method and the OnInserted, OnModified and OnRemoved event handler. Use the NotifyIconInfo object to receive information about a single icon of the taskbar notification area.

    Note that the path of a file using SiteKiosk objects must be allowed in the
    SiteKiosk configuration (Security -> Access -> URL's With Script Permission)
    if it is not a browser skin file.
    The following example shows the ID of the first existing icon.

    <SCRIPT TYPE="text/javascript">

Applies to
    SiteKiosk v5.5 (and later versions).

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