PrinterInfo Object

The PrinterInfo object provides information about a printer.

Members Table

    The following table lists the members provided by the PrinterInfo object.

    Collections Description
    Jobs Print jobs.
    Properties Description
    Attributes Printer attributes.
    AveragePPM Average number of printed pages per minute.
    ChargeForPrinting Whether printing is charged.
    Comment Brief printer description.
    ConfirmJobs Whether jobs must be confirmed.
    Datatype Name of the data type used to record a print job.
    DefaultPriority Default priority value assigned to each print job.
    DriverName Name of the printer driver.
    EnableForFreeZone Whether printing is for free in a free zone.
    Info Information string.
    JobCount Number of print jobs.
    KeepPrinterPausedOnQuit Whether the pause status is kept when quitting.
    LimitJobCount Whether the number of simultaneous print jobs is limited.
    LimitPageCount Whether the number of pages per print job is limited.
    Location Name of the physical printer location.
    MaxJobs Maximum number of simultaneous print jobs.
    MaxPages Maximum number of pages per print job.
    Parameters Default print-processor parameters.
    PortName Printer port(s) used to transmit data.
    Price Price per page.
    PrinterName Name of the printer.
    PrintProcessor Name of the used print processor.
    Priority Priority value used by the spooler to route print jobs.
    SepFile Name of the file used to create the separator page.
    ServerName Name of the server controlling the printer.
    ShareName Name of the sharepoint for the printer.
    ShowPrinterInDialog Whether to show the printer in the SiteKiosk print dialog.
    StartTime Earliest time at which the printer will print a job.
    Status Current printer status.
    UntilTime Latest time at which the printer will print a job.
    Methods Description
    GetJob Returns a print job by ID.
    PrintDocument Prints a document by text or file path.

    This object is available through the collection Printers. Use the PrinterInfo object to receive information about a printer and its print jobs.

    Note that the path of a file using SiteKiosk objects must be allowed in the
    SiteKiosk configuration (Security -> Access -> URL's With Script Permission)
    if it is not a browser skin file.
    The following example displays the number of print jobs of the first available printer.

    <SCRIPT TYPE="text/javascript">

Applies to
    SiteKiosk v6.2 (and later versions).

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