PayMediaMails Property

The PayMediaMails property indicates whether sending media mails is charged.


    [bool=] SiteKiosk.Plugins("SiteCash").PayMediaMails
Possible Values
    Boolean value that indicates whether media mails are charged.

    The property is read only.
    The price will be charged per mail.
    The following example determines whether sending media mails is charged and shows the price in an alert window.

    <SCRIPT TYPE="text/javascript">
    mmailPay = SiteKiosk.Plugins("SiteCash").PayMediaMails;
    mmailPrice = SiteKiosk.Plugins("SiteCash").MediaMailPrice;
    if (mmailPay) alert("Price per media mail: " + mmailPrice);
    else alert("Media mails are for free");

Applies to
    SiteKiosk v6.0 (and later versions).

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