DeleteTempInternetFilesAndCertificates Method

The DeleteTempInternetFilesAndCertificates method deletes temporary internet files and installed personal certificates.


    [long=] SiteKiosk.DeleteTempInternetFilesAndCertificates(showdialog,
            cache, cookies, endsession, history, callback, certificates)
    showdialog Boolean value that specifies if a dialog should be shown.
    cache Boolean value that specifies if the cached files should be deleted.
    cookies Boolean value that specifies if the cookies should be deleted.
    endsession Boolean value that specifies if the session should be closed.
    history Boolean value that specifies if the history should be deleted.
    callback Callback function that will be called after deleting the files.
    certificates Boolean value that specifies if installed personal certificates should be deleted.
Return Value
    Returns a Long value containing the job ID.
    The callback function has two parameters containing the job ID and the number of deleted files.
    The following example deletes all temporary internet files, installed personal certificates, closes the current session and shows the number of deleted files in an alert window.

    <SCRIPT TYPE="text/javascript">
    function callbackfunction(jobID, deletedfiles)
       alert(jobID + 'successfull, ' + deletedfiles + ' files deleted');
    SiteKiosk.DeleteTempInternetFilesAndCertificates(true, true, true, true,
    true, callbackfunction, true);

Applies to
    SiteKiosk v6.6 (and later versions).

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