TaskbarVisible Property

The TaskbarVisible property specifies if the taskbar should be shown.


    SiteKiosk.SiteSkin.TaskbarVisible [=bool]
Possible Values
    Boolean value that specifies or retrieves if the taskbar
    should be shown.

    The property is read/write.
    The taskbar can only be forced to be invisible. If this property is true, it will be hidden in some situations anyway.
    The following example changes the visibility of the taskbar when the link is clicked.

    <SCRIPT TYPE="text/javascript">
    sskin = SiteKiosk.SiteSkin;
    function switchtb()
       sskin.TaskbarVisible = !sskin.TaskbarVisible;
    <a href="javascript:switchtb()">switch taskbar visibility</a>

Applies to
    SiteKiosk v5.0 (and later versions).

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