SKAnimateControl ActiveX Control

The SKAnimateControl ActiveX control can be used to display small repeating animations within SiteKiosk skins. It was designed especially for displaying a busy animation. All animation frames must have the same dimensions and have to be assembled in a single image file side by side. For another example, please see the busy-animation source file of SiteKiosk's default browser skin.

Members Table

    The following table lists the members provided by the SKAnimateControl ActiveX control.

    Properties Description
    BackgroundColor Background / transparent color.
    ImageCount Number of animation frames.
    ImageFile Absolute / relative path to the animation's source image.
    ImageWidth Width of a single animation image.
    SrcAlpha Value for the alpha channel.
    TimerInterval Delay between two animation frames.
    Transparent If transparency is to be used.
    UseAlpha If alpha channel is to be used.
    Methods Description
    Reset Resets the animation.
    Start Starts the animation.
    Stop Stops the animation.
    Events Description
    Click Fires when the animation is clicked.
    DblClick Fires when the animation is double clicked.
    ImageChanged Fires when the image changed.
    MouseDown Fires on pressed mouse button.
    MouseMove Fires when the mouse moves over the animation.
    MouseUp Fires on mouse button release.

    This ActiveX control is available in the form of scripts that can be used in combination with SiteKiosk. Use the SKAnimateControl to examine or modify the display of animated images.
    To initialize the ActiveX control use the OBJECT tag and, in particular, the classID to identify the control. Set the initial object properties between the opening and closing OBJECT tags with PARAM tags. At a later point in time it will also be possible to access/modify these properties by means of scripts.
    The following example uses the Start, Stop and Reset methods of the SKAnimateControl ActiveX control. Note that the path to the image is absolute in relation to the SiteKiosk folder.

    <SCRIPT TYPE="text/javascript">
    function startAnim()
    function stopAnim()
    function resetAnim()
    <OBJECT id="id_SKAnimateControl" style="width:65px; height:65px; 
    border-width:0px; margin-right:0px; margin-bottom:5px; 
    margin-top:5px; " 
    	<PARAM NAME="ImageFile" VALUE=
    	<PARAM NAME="ImageWidth" VALUE="65">
    	<PARAM NAME="TimerInterval" VALUE="25">
    	<PARAM NAME="UseAlpha" VALUE="0">
    	<PARAM NAME="SrcAlpha" VALUE="0">
    	<PARAM NAME="BackgroundColor" VALUE="0">
    	<PARAM NAME="Transparent" VALUE="0">
    <div onclick="startAnim()">ClickStart!</div>
    <div onclick="stopAnim()">ClickStop!</div>
    <div onclick="resetAnim()">ClickReset!</div>

Applies to
    SiteKiosk v5.0 (and later versions).

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