GetStartpage Method

The GetStartpage method returns the full path of one of the current startpages.


    [str=] SiteKiosk.Config.StartPage.GetStartpage(mainwin, allowsp)
    mainwin Boolean value that specifies whether to determine the path of the main window page or the new window page.
    allowsp Boolean value that specifies whether to determine the session start page defined by the payment device.
Return Value
    Returns a String that contains the path of the current startpage.
    Startpage templates can define different pages for the main window and new browser windows. A session start page can be defined by a payment device.
    The following example shows the path of the startpage of the main window in an alert window.

    <SCRIPT TYPE="text/javascript">
    alert(SiteKiosk.Config.StartPage.GetStartpage(true, false));

Applies to
    SiteKiosk v6.0 (and later versions).

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