MaxWidth Property

The MaxWidth property contains the maximum width of the tooltip.


    Tooltip.MaxWidth [=long]
Possible Values
    Long value that specifies or retrieves the maximum width.

    The property is read/write.
    When the maximum width is reached, a line break is inserted.
    The following example shows a wide tooltip when the mouse enters the text.

    <span id='mydiv' onMouseEnter='OnMouseEnter()'
    onMouseLeave='OnMouseLeave()' onMouseMove='OnMouseMove()'>
    Move the mouse over here.
    <SCRIPT TYPE="text/javascript">
    function OnMouseEnter()
       myToolTip = SiteKiosk.SiteKioskUI.CreateToolTip();
       myToolTip.Balloon = true;
       myToolTip.NoAnimate = false;
       myToolTip.NoFade = false;
       myToolTip.NoPrefix = false;
       myToolTip.MaxWidth = 300;
       myToolTip.Title = "Title";
       myToolTip.Text = "This is the content. The maximum width " +
                        "of this tooltip is exactly 300 pixel.";
       myToolTip.Icon = 1;
       myToolTip.CloseButton = true;     // Windows XP only
       myToolTip.SetMargin(5, 5, 5, 5);
       myToolTip.SetPosition(event.screenX, event.screenY);
    function OnMouseMove()
       myToolTip.SetPosition(event.screenX, event.screenY);
    function OnMouseLeave()

Applies to
    SiteKiosk v5.5 (and later versions).

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