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Support Anfrage: Unable to complete survey webform


This is a licensed SiteKiosk for Android version 2.10 build 8248 using the fullscreen browser with browser engine Android System Webview (Chrome Version 85). The link to the survey webform is https://bravisradar.nl/aanmelden/MKC2019/. If we fill out the survey with any browser on the tablet it works like expected, but if the survey is filled in via the SiteKiosk system, we are unable to complete the survey. On the last survey page, after pressing the submit button, the browser just keeps hanging with "Completing survey". It used to work, but not anymore and since the same webform works on any browser on the tablet (Samsung Galaxy Tab S5e) itself, there must be something in SiteKiosk. Please investigate/help.

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Re: Unable to complete survey webform 09.10.2020 12:43

I was able to reproduce the behavior and it must be caused by changes in the web page code that requires 2 tabs/windows to make it work.

In Chrome the main page https://bravisradar.nl/aanmelden/MKC2019/ opens a new tab when clicking on “Vragenlisten starten” that displays after clicking on “Start hier uw evaluatie”.
In that tab on URL https://bravisradar.nl/afname/1/MKC-Tablet-2019DR7BPFZ you answer the questions.
The main page stays open in the first tab and the new tab will be closed when you send the form.
(When you also close the first tab in Chrome the Chrome Browser will be closed when you try to send the form.)

In SiteKiosk this cannot work as it has no tabs or new windows and opens everything in the main browser window that cannot be closed (while the code of the web page seem to wait that the window is closed when sending the form).

Since it seems to have worked before you need to ask the person who has programmed that page about what has changed.
Generally they need to make sure that it works within one browser window and without closing the window.

General note:
By default the Site Kiosk Browser on Android does use the so-called WebView Framework http://developer.android.com/guide/webapps/webview.html that is based on the pre-installed browser of Android.
So the result with “Standard Browser” in SiteKiosk depends on the Android version with the integrated system browser.
These are the browser engine versions used by WebView on Android:
- pre Android 4.4 -->uses the WebKit Engine (Updates with operating system)
- Android 4.4 --> Chromium Engine 30/33 (Updates with operating system)
- Android 5+ --> Chromium Engine 36+ (Updates via Play Store - Android System Webview)
- Android 7+ --> Chromium Engine 51+ (Updates via Play Store - Chrome)

Here the information how to debug web pages displayed in SiteKiosk Android:

Alternatively you can activate the hidden log setting “Web Console Logs” at “-->System-->Log files” available in the extended configuration mode (also see link above how to access).

Michael Olbrich