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Soporte de pedidos: Blocking Website Sources


I'm changing the configuration on a machine with an older version of Sitekiosk. In the Surfing Area, I'm using a whitelist, blocking all other links, and allowing URLs within the same structure. Index pages of websites are loading, but most of their resources are blocked (css, js, etc...). I have not had this problem with the newest version of SiteKiosk. Will I need to upgrade, or is something else going on?

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Re: Blocking Website Sources 17/05/2019 20:33
I have not heard of any issue like that with older versions of SiteKiosk. Which version of SiteKiosk are you running? What is the OS? What do you see in the SiteKiosk log file when the issue occurs? What is the message you see on the screen?
Re: Blocking Website Sources 17/05/2019 23:52
The version is 9.3.6912 running on Windows 10. I just upgraded to the newest version of SiteKiosk and the problem is resolved. The error was just that the resources got blocked due to surf area rules. I am using Chrome and http to access my whitelist.