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Soporte de pedidos: Screensaver Issue


Spent a lot of time setting up and testing the installation at my office. Everything was working great, including the system going to the screensaver after 3 minutes of inactivity. Once I figured out where images needed to be stored I literally didn't have one problem with that part of the configuration. System went through many restarts, reboots and adjustments to the configuration (in other areas) after that and the screensaver worked flawlessly for an entire day of testing.

Delivered unit to client today for installation in their lobby. Sure enough, turn it on and when the system goes to the screensaver it loads the first image, which shows for about a second or two then it restarts the browser window and goes back to it. Tried restarting, rebooting. Same thing over and over. Kind of embarrassing for first reveal to the client!!!

Now the system is at their location and while I have SiteRemote setup and working, I don't see how I can troubleshoot this particular issue using that tool. I found quite a few threads of people with this similar issue with a myriad of fixes. Any suggestions on what the heck could have suddenly caused this when literally all we did was turn the working unit off, box it up and deliver to the client?? As an aside, I had turned the kiosk off and back on several times during testing so that doesn't have anything to do with it. I DID have to log into the admin account and connect to their wifi, but exited out of SiteKiosk without changing startup settings then started using the autostart option (which I had also done many times during testing).

Thanks for any help in fixing.

Chris Blair

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Re: Screensaver Issue 24/10/2019 22:44
Hi Chris,

Sorry to hear what had happened at your demonstration. Can you tell what type of screensaver you had chosen? Which browser engine did you choose? What area were the images stored( you can be brief due to public forum)?

Best regards.
Re: Screensaver Issue 25/10/2019 4:33
Can you tell what type of screensaver you had chosen? Photos; The SiteKiosk Player flashes between images and I haven't been able to get SiteCaster to publish my project.

Which browser engine did you choose? Chrome

What area were the images stored: Default location of C:/Program Files (x86)/SiteKiosk/HTML

Re: Screensaver Issue 25/10/2019 15:11
Hi Chris,

Thank you for the responses. This is a known issue. The issue can be solved by switching to IE. However if you need to use Chrome, you can use the solution in the link below:

Please take care to follow all directions.

Best regards.
Re: Screensaver Issue 25/10/2019 23:51
That doesn't look too difficult. But when I tested the SiteKiosk Player and loaded a bunch of images, it glitched/flashed to white between each one.Does the Screensaver.js eliminate that since it's using javascript?

Also, what about sitecaster? I created a simple slideshow that matches the screensaver I'm currently running, but couldn't get it to publish to the kiosk. I added the user roles that are recommended in the documentation but sitecaster never shows that it's connected to the kiosk when I go to publish. Is it possible to use SiteCaster for this?? If so how do I get it to connect and puslish the project?

Last thing I'm not clear on. Does SiteCaster require an additional license? It's really unclear but I'd be happy to buy the SiteRemote and SiteCaster Cloud Bundle Annual plan if it's works more smoothly.

Thanks in advance for all the help!

Chris Blair
Re: Screensaver Issue 28/10/2019 18:24
Tested screensaver.js solution and it works nicely with SiteKiosk Player. I will open a separate ticket for question about SiteCaster publishing.

Chris Blair
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