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Soporte de pedidos: 2 Issues


1. Even after unticking the logout feature in advanced under screensaver, all apps close when the screensaver activates

2. One particular app does not close when the x is clicked when running in the sitekiosk user

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Re: 2 Issues 12/11/2019 17:44

Thank you for submitting your inquiry. For your first question: Any application listed in under allowed applications in SiteKiosk will try to be closed when the screensaver/logout occurs. To avoid that you could try starting it with a script instead, you should not list it under Configuration>>Applications but create an application watchdog. Assistance with that is outside of the scope of standard technical support. You are welcomed to review our Dev Blog post below.

Regarding the second question, SiteKiosk does not have the level of control to block the close button, assuming you are referring to the one on the application's title bar. Something else must be going on with your application, possibly a crash of sorts. You can check Windows Event Viewer or SiteKiosk Logs for any possible clue. If you have the Logout button on your page, you could click Logout to close the app and try to restart it. You had said that when the screensaver activates all apps were closed, should I assume that includes this app as well?

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