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Support Request: Hide keyboard bar when a program is open



I want to use the on screen keyboard for typing in passwords when I am on the start page. But if I enable the on-screen keyboard and open a program the keyboard bar at the button is still visible and covers some of the application. Is there a way to hide this bar while the program is visible or just show the keyboard when I have to type in the password or use the file manager in SiteKiosk?


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Re: Hide keyboard bar when a program is open 31/10/2019 18:53

Thank you for submitting your inquiry. You can hide the keyboard to the lower edge of the display. In SiteKiosk configuration>> On-Screen Keyboard>>Advanced, below the checkbox "Show onscreen keyboard automatically when text input is required", check "Hide keyboard bar at lower edge of display". See more Advanced settings at Section 2:

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Re: Hide keyboard bar when a program is open 01/11/2019 12:02
Hello Andre,

Thanks for the answer.

Hiding the keyboard with the options does most of what I needed. But in my application I have a need to use the applications builtin keyboard and not the onscreen keyboard from siteKiost. Is it possible to blacklist certain applications like it is with URLs so the keyboard will not show up when clicking on a dialog box inside specific applications.

Thank you.
Re: Hide keyboard bar when a program is open 01/11/2019 15:28

Sorry, there is no way to blacklist the SiteKiosk On-Screen keyboard for usage with third party applications with the default features of SiteKiosk.

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