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Запрос поддержки: CPU Usage with SiteKiosk


Hello, I have 2 types of pc's running with sitekiosk:

- IntelStick: Intel(R) Atom(TM) x5-Z8330 CPU @ 1.44GHz, 2 GB RAM
- Intel(R) Celeron(R) CPU N3350 @ 1.10GHz, 4 GB RAM

On both computers, I have a cpu usage of around 86% / 90%.
I want to know what happens with sitekiosk if computers hit 100% of cpu usage? It stops? restarts?

And also, what do you recommend for a better performance? Note that I want to use a mini pc, not a big one..And I am running sitekiosk on windows 10, chrome browser with a site.

Can you help me, please?

Thank you

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Re: CPU Usage with SiteKiosk 05.04.2019 13:05

As SiteKiosk is a secure browser generally any browser content can run slower than outside of SiteKiosk due to all the security features but usually it does not slow down the browser significantly.
Also note that the CPU usage not only applies to SiteKiosk but also to the web content you display (e.g. an embedded video needs more RAM and performance than a simple HTML page) and other processed running on the Windows system (Windows services).

The general system requirements can be found here:

If the performance is to slow and the CPU usage would reach 100% the software watchdog would restart SiteKiosk.
SiteKiosk is required to report back to the Software Watchdog (watchdog.exe) after certain (adjustable) intervals (30 seconds by default).
(SiteKiosk configuration-->Maintenance-->Monitoring-->Settings).
If SiteKiosk fails to report back within the set interval, the Software Watchdog restarts either the SiteKiosk browser or the entire system.
This ensures that there is little to no downtime of the application!

If you see this entry only on occasion, you should not worry about it too much.
If you operate terminals that are in constant use 24/7, it is not unusual for this entry to occur every once in a while, as, for instance, users sometimes open an HTML page that contains errors.

In addition, the default 30 second interval may be too short if SiteKiosk is run on slower computers.
If, for example, the computer is busy launching a program or loading a page and is taking longer than 30 seconds to do so, the SiteKiosk browser may not respond during this period and cause the Software Watchdog to perform a restart.
In this case, you should increase the time interval. (SiteKiosk configuration-->Maintenance-->Monitoring-->Settings).

So the performance depends largely on the performance of the Windows system and the underlying hardware and also of course on the network connection because SiteKiosk deletes the cache each time on logout or screen saver activation.

Otherwise you can check using the “Metro IE” skin that is based on the IE Webbrowser Control and generally needs less performance (you also can e.g. compare the IE11 and Chrome Browser on Windows).

Michael Olbrich