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Запрос поддержки: poor connection, local videos


Good day, thanks for your answers! There is a question whether it is possible to unload a project from sitecaster and upload it to sitekiosk. There are terminals that have poor quality internet connection. Sites are downloaded from the Internet, and the video connection speed is not enough. Social videos uploaded to sitecaster play very poorly. Is it possible to place videos locally on the terminal and download them from the terminal, and not from the cloud? Thanks in advance for your reply.

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Re: poor connection, local videos 19.11.2019 9:21

SiteCaster projects are designed to be created on the SiteRemote Server (www.siteremote.net) and will then be downloaded to the SiteKiosk client.
You can e.g. add a video element to the SiteCaster project.
Then the video file will be downloaded to the client machine with the SiteCaster project.

If you want to play a video that is already stored locally at the SiteKiosk machine (preferably in the folder "...\SiteKiosk\Html"), you can try to access it via the Web page element with a corresponding URL.
e.g. file:///C:/Program%20Files%20(x86)/SiteKiosk/Html/MyVideo.mp4
(you may check the path and the video before with using Chrome)
Information about the web page element:

But I would advise to use the first option (video element) because then the video is part of the SiteCaster project and cannot be missing.

Michael Olbrich