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Запрос поддержки: WTF!


I registered my software $149 version. All worked well under the trail now with the registered version I get a BLANK screen my MS Access Program does not run. (worked fin under the trail version)

Also it says I cannot use touch screen. I was NEVER told that before I purchased the software. (I do not need an onscreen keyboard which is extra not at all sure why but I do need to take signatures on-screen!)

I need 6 copies in all.

Please advise-
Thank you!

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Re: WTF! 17.08.2020 15:14

Thank you for your inquiry. Sorry to hear about the issues, you have experienced. In general, there is no difference between the unlicensed and the licensed SiteKiosk version with regard to starting external applications. The limitations of the unregistered version are listed here in lower blue box: https://www.provisio.com/en-US/Downloads/Download.aspx?ItemId=1

However, in "Auto Start" mode, the SiteKiosk browser will be started within the restricted local SiteKiosk user account and there certain EXE programs are blocked (also MS Access). To allow MS Access, you can use the System Security Manager in the admin account (-->Customized-->Programs). Further information here: https://www.provisio.com/en-US/CustomerSupportCenter/ArticleDetails.aspx?ArticleID=25533 . Here are the list of policies for the restricted local SiteKiosk user account - https://www.provisio.com/helpconsole/SiteKiosk%20Help/en-US/policies.htm

SiteKiosk has no influence on the touch screen functionality or usage as it applies to the Windows System and its drivers. Any message in SiteKiosk in regards to Touch Screen applies to the On-Screen keyboard feature of SiteKiosk. This means, you had it turned on in the configuration file settings. You need a Plus license to use the on-screen keyboard of SiteKiosk: https://www.provisio.com/helpconsole/SiteKiosk%20Help/en-US/default.htm?on-_screen_keyboard.htm

Can you tell us more about your blank screen? When does it happen when after the computer restart? Does this happen in "Auto Start" only? Are you connected to an enterprise domain or a work group? There is no known issue where SiteKiosk will get a blank screen on its own. Please check your security software settings (anti-virus/malware) or your domain policies.

Best regards,