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Required Android Permissions

SiteKiosk Android requires a number of permissions to be assigned to it. SiteKiosk will ask for these permissions on every start unless they are granted or the reminder is disabled. Please note that missing permissions will lead to a restricted functionality of SiteKiosk Android or to a cancellation of the startup process.

Note that the required permissions vary depending on the Android version in use. SiteKiosk will automatically detect all required permissions based on the Android system it is running on. You will either be presented with a direct option to allow a permission or, if that should not be possible, will be automatically send to the Android settings page for a specific permission. After applying the required setting you need to use the back button of your Android device until you are back in the startup process of SiteKiosk.

The following is a list of permissions, that require to be edited by going into the Android settings.

Permit usage access: SiteKiosk needs access to usage data in order to control other Android apps in single or multiple app mode. In the Android settings under Apps with usage access the SiteKiosk entry needs to be turned on. This permission is optional. If you skip this step, SiteKiosk will deactivate the options for Android App and Mutltiple Applications on the Application configuration page of SiteKiosk and a few other minor options. SiteKiosk will automatically enable the disabled options if you assign this permission at a later time.

Allow modification of system settings: SiteKiosk needs to modify system settings in order to control the orientation of the device. In the Android settings under Can modify system settings SiteKiosk needs to be set to allow.

Permit drawing over other apps: SiteKiosk needs to be able to draw itself over other apps, in order to not fall behind an unwanted app or system dialog. In the Android settings under Apps that can draw over other apps SiteKiosk needs to be set to allow.

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