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SiteKiosk Android Support

You can use the support section on our website at http://www.provisio.com, send a support request via email or contact us by phone.

1. General support information
1.1 What support does cover 
Supported are all requests that are related directly to SiteKiosk software:
1.2 What support does NOT cover
We are unable to provide free support in connection with certain problems or topics including: 

2. Information on updates

2.1 Free updates and support for 12 months
Updates and support will be free for 12 months from the time you purchased your license.
2.2 Updates at a charge
You will be able to purchase new versions at a reduced price after the 12 months period of free support and free updates ended.

3. Request support
3.1 Support on the Web
Log on to http://www.provisio.com/ to access our extensive support section:
3.2 Direct email support
Specific requests are best submitted by email. Click here to find our email addresses.
To help us quickly find a solution to your technical problems, we ask that you provide us with an error description of every step so that we can replicate your problem and tells us about the software component you are using (including version and build number, e. g. SiteKiosk Android 1.8.136) as well as the version of your Android system.
3.3 Phone support
We also provide free support over the phone. Click here to find the right number to call.

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