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Surf Time Limiter

The Surf Time Limiter payment device was developed based on customer requests to confront the problem of people using free internet terminals for too long and not allowing other users a chance for a session.

Benefit: Except for the computer, you do not require any additional hardware (Payment Devices).  The Surf Time Limiter is used on terminals that are free to use but where the session should be limited to a certain length of time. 


If you want to use the Surf Time Limiter, the SiteKiosk Screensaver also needs to be activated. If the user ends their session before their time is up then the screensaver will, after the set amount of idle time, reset the Surf Time Limiter so that the next user will start a new session. Please note that no zone rates apply with the Surf Time Limiter because these are controlled by money and not time.
1. System Requirements
1.1 Hardware
No special hardware is required. 
1.2 Software
  1. Windows 8, 10
  2. Internet Explorer 11
  3. SiteKiosk

2. Configuration of the Surf Time Limiter
2.1 General
The Surf Time Limiter is an access device and not a monetary device. This device can not prevent a user starting a second session. Please note that you need to leave the screensaver active along with the Surf Time Limiter. 
2.2 Session Limit
Enter the amount of time after which the session will automatically terminate and go to the home page. If a user leaves before their session has ended the screensaver will reset the kiosk to the start page.
2.3 End Session Dialog
After the end of session, an optional dialog will be displayed. The display time of the dialog can be specified in seconds. 

You can choose between two modes for the end of session dialog:
  1. Lock computer and disable user input while dialog is visible
    The computer cannot be used until the end session dialog has closed. The computer is locked. 
  2. Show a closable dialog box with an OK button on it
    End session dialog with an OK button to close the dialog. The computer will not be locked.
3. Customize the Surf Time Limiter Dialogs
Depending on the use of the Surf Time Limiter, it is possible that the standard texts do not suit your needs. An explanation of how to customize the dialogs is below.
3.1 Changing Text and Labels
All of the text files are linked to from the stringtable.xml file.  Each language is stored in a separate file that is referenced in stringtable.xml.  The text of the individual files can be customized by you at any time, not only for creating your own skins. The existing file can be modified to meet your needs as well as adapt to other languages​​. The following is an excerpt from the english.xml located at: \SK-Installation folder\Language\Browserskins\Default-Ieskin\

< !-- Time Selector Device -->
           <string id="3500">Time Limiter</string>
           <string id="3501">You can surf for </string>
           <string id="3502">.</string>
           <string id="3503">Go!</string>
           <string id="3504">This terminal will be locked for {0} seconds.</string>
           <string id="3505">Your surfing time has expired. Thank you for using SiteKiosk!</string>
< !-- /Time Selector Device -->
3.2 Notes about the String IDs
3.3 Information Dialog
The Surf Time Limiter dialog that can be optionally displayed at the end of the session, like all components of the SiteKiosk browser, comes from an HTML page. These files can be found in the SiteKiosk installation folder in the directory ../SiteCash/HTML/Timelimiter.

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