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Payment Devices - Payment Interface And Access Control

The payment module is a generic interface for quite a few different time protocol, access control, and payment devices. It can control coin acceptors, money card readers, bill readers, etc.

You can use the free trial version to test all features extensively. Please note that some demo version restrictions apply.

Information about the demo version:

In order to make it possible for you to test the functionality of the payment module without the need to install any additional hardware, we developed a device named payment simulation dialog box (for testing). Please select the "Payment simulation dialog box (for testing)" device from the list of available payment devices and activate it. You will now be able to use an input field after you launch the SiteKiosk browser and credit and withdraw money units.

After enabling payment device support, you will have access to additional options which will be explained in more detail below.

1. List of available payment devices
You can choose a device from the selection window that contains all payment devices supported by SiteKiosk.

The design of the payment module makes it possible to seamlessly operate one or several of the listed devices at the same time. We are also able to implement additional devices if required by our customers.

To enable a specific device (green dot) and configure it to your requirements, select it from the list of available payment devices and click on Configure.

Use the sorting feature to display all devices or only those that match a specific category, e.g. coin acceptors.

2. Basic hourly rate
We implemented a basic hourly rate to keep things simple. Unless you set a different rate, this basic hourly rate is the rate that will apply in general (at all times of the day and for every URL). You can adjust the basic hourly rate at any time.

The Start Page is free as a general rule as long as no credit is available. This means that the Start Page will be displayed for free as long as there is no money in the payment module account. As soon as money has bee deposited in the account, the Start Page will be displayed at the basic hourly rate. You can, however, also define different payment modes.

If you want to change the main currency that will be shown to the user, you can adjust the corresponding option in the advanced settings

3. Further options
3.1 Zone rates
By defining rate zones you can charge users different rates depending on the URL they want to open. Click here to learn more.
3.2 Service rates
By setting up payment module service rates you can charge your users for additional services such multimedia email messages, programs, printing, or downloads. Click here to learn more.
3.3 Advanced
Use this section to make additional adjustments to the payment module which will mainly affect the information displayed in the SiteKiosk browser. Click here to learn more.

4. Pull mode (debiting individual amounts by means of scripts)
SiteKiosk allows you to request individual amounts by using the script interface. Do you want to offer a website or a certain service (e.g. games) for a flat fee, rather than on a price per minute basis? Then you will need the pull mode, which is explained in more detail here.

5. General information about SiteKiosk payment dialog boxes
Since the dialog boxes displayed to the user in the payment module are written in HTML/JavaScript, they can easily be edited at any time.
You will find in the definition for the dialog boxes in the definition files of the browser layouts, and, by default, at least in the IE7 skin which is located in the SiteKiosk installation folder under Skins/IE7 and stored in the file IE7Skindef.xml.

In the file you will the entries:
  • dialog id='printerpay' for the paid printing dialog box
  • dialog id='printerinfojobs' for displaying the print jobs
  • dialog id='printerinfopages' for displaying the pages to be printed
  • dialog id='lowsurftime' for the notification that the surfing time is low
  • dialog id='pullmode' for the pull mode dialog box
  • dialog id='payment' for the dialog box prompting for payment
Information about the dialog box prompting for payment (id='payment'):
Users will be shown this dialog box whenever they enter an area that is subject to a charge or the surfing time in their account is running low. Users will automatically be shown the different options they have to pay and add credit as well as the hourly rate that will be charged for the zone they are about to enter.

6. Tips and recommendations
  1. Charge for the use of applications using the service rate option.
  2. You can define the price per page for every print job under the advanced settings of the respective printer, provided you enabled printer monitoring.
  3. You can use several payment devices at the same time. Simply activate all the devices that you wish to use.
  4. SiteRemote generates accurate protocols and statistics about the transactions.
  5. These accurate logs about the individual payments will be stored in the log files.
  6. If controlled by SiteKiosk, a dial-up connection will, if needed, be terminated automatically 12 seconds after the end of a Web surfing session.

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