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Start Page

Use this section to specify the start page you wish to display in SiteKiosk. Depending on the browser skin you selected, the start page may not be displayed until new windows are opened or other type of surfing activity takes place.

1. Start Page
Choose content stored locally or on the Web for your start page. Apart from websites, you can also use images, videos and various other file formats.

If using local HTML pages (file://), you can also set $(SiteKioskPath) as a variable for your SiteKiosk installation directory (instead of, for instance, c:/program files/sitekiosk).

Note that the start page settings for the Start Page browser skin layouts can be found under Customize->Browser Skin.

2. Offline Start Page
Under the advanced options you can select an alternative offline start page if your primary start page is not a local file (file protocol).

3. Tips and recommendations
  1. You can also display the Start Page in fullscreen mode without the toolbar and the taskbar.
  2. If payment modules are used, the Start Page is usually free as long as no credit is available. You can charge for opening the Start Page by including the Start Page in the zones.

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