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Using the kiosk content management system (CMS) SiteCaster requires a SiteRemote team, this will enable you to use the SiteCaster editor to create the content you want to display on your kiosk systems.

SiteCaster is a Content Management System (CMS) for kiosk terminals and ad displays. You can use SiteCaster to create and manage content that you can distribute to one or several hundred displays. A versatile editor enables you to make custom designs to show texts, images, videos and also for example weather information. Pre-defined and editable templates allow for a quick access to numerous usage scenarios. A simple but effective rights system makes it easy to specifically allow content editing to certain editors only. This prevents changes by mistake and simplifies usage by hiding unused controls.

SiteCaster can be used as a standalone app on the primary monitor, in combination with SiteKiosk on the primary monitor, on the secondary monitor or as screensaver.

If SiteCaster is used as a standalone app on the primary monitor you can use the Customize button to edit local SiteCaster settings. These settings are generally useful if you are using web pages for SiteCaster content. On the Information page you will find a link to the SiteCaster Editor of the SiteRemote Server the specific SiteKiosk machine is registered with.

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