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Split Screen

Using the split screen option, you can display SiteCaster content in combination with the SiteKiosk browser.

Normally, the mouse is confined to the SiteKiosk area of the screen. This option can adjusted by using the option to restrict the mouse pointer to the browser area of the primary monitor

The split screen option requires the SiteCaster functions of SiteRemote. A SiteRemote team account must be created in order for the SiteCaster projects to be created and published to the selected machines.

1. Enable Split Screen
Decide whether you would like the screen (the main screen if a second monitor is connected) to display a combination of SiteKiosk and SiteCaster. If you want to combine SiteCaster and SiteKiosk, you can choose where to display those elements on the screen.

2. SiteCaster Size
Define the size of the SiteCaster area on the screen. Use that size when creating your project in the SiteCaster editor of SiteRemote.
When using a resolution below a minimum width of 1024 pixels, many of the standard skins and the on-screen keyboards in SiteKiosk can only be used with restrictions. Note that SiteKiosk automatically adjusts the size of the SiteCaster area during the start process if if goes below the height and/or width of the SiteKiosk escape menu to make sure SiteKiosk can be exited normally.

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