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Language Selection

Out of the box, SiteKiosk already supports a great number of different languages, which you can select in the Customize section of your browser layout. In addition, you can help us implement even more languages in no time at all.

1. Available language profiles

Simply select the languages in the Customize section of the browser layout which you want to make available to the person using the browser.

2. Default language

The default language is the language that will be displayed initially. When a session ends (after logout or when the screensaver comes on) the default language will be loaded again automatically.
The system language is the language set by the operating system. For instance, if you installed the Chinese version of WindowsXP, Chinese will be the system language.

Is your language not included in the list of languages? Start by verifying that you have installed the latest version of SiteKiosk. If your language is still not listed, proceed as described here to create your own translation. You are then welcome to send us your translation. We will implement your translation in SiteKiosk at no extra charge.

3. Keyboard language settings

Activating the option "Enable keyboard switching" will add a icon to the taskbar of SiteKiosk that lets you switch between keyboard languages. SiteKiosk will use the keyboard languages available in Windows. Click the "Change keyboards" button to edit the Windows settings. As these Windows settings are user-specific, you may also need to change them for the user under which want to run SiteKiosk.

The SiteKiosk taskbar icon for language switching will switch languages for SiteKiosk and other applications in shell replacement mode. If no shell replacement is used, the icon will only switch languages for SiteKiosk.

Windows allows you to configure a hot key to switch the keyboard language. This option is only supported to the full extent for the windows of the SiteKiosk application.

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