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Running External Applications

SiteKiosk makes it possible for you to run any external application directly (i.e. without feedback) from within the browser. It is also possible to do this manually from any web page.

When you need to run a Windows 10 UWP app, you can use a workaround to start it with SiteKiosk. Further information can be found in the Readme.txt file in the folder ..\SiteKiosk\UWP. Due to technical limitations there is no easier way to configure an UWP app.

Please also observe the Instructions on how to use external applications.

1. Add/Edit/Delete
1.1 Program properties
You can configure various properties of the application.
1.2 Indirectly launched programs
Some applications, games in particular, use so-called "loaders" at launch which will load and start the actual main application. To ensure that both the main application and all other parts of the application that are launched separately will be closed during a reset of SiteKiosk, you must enter these "loaders" in this section as well.

This option cannot be used in conjunction with execution of applications under a different user account.

1.3 Execute under different user account
Certain programs/games require administrator rights and, therefore, can only be started by users that have administrator access. This applies, for instance, to the application "Age of Empire" by Microsoft.

You can use this option to assign this application/game administrator rights. Simply select a user account that has administrator access.

We would like to point out that granting administrator rights to applications represents a potential security risk! The application will then have full administrator access, robbing your machine of the protection that is ensured by operating, for example, under the SiteKiosk user. What is more, the dialog box and window management will no longer be able to intercept dialog boxes and windows. You should, therefore, use extreme caution when using this option.

This option will not be available in Windows 8, 10 if UAC (User Access Control) is enabled. Note: Win8 and higher does not allow to completely disable UAC.

2. Test
Use the Test button to find out if the application you added can be launched with the settings you configured. Please also observe the Instructions on how to use external applications.

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