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Telephony (SIP)

Voice over IP allows you to set up a VoIP phone service directly in SiteKiosk using  a SIP gateway of your choice.

You can use the free trial version to test all features extensively. Please note that some demo version restrictions apply.

You can bill this service (at a flat rate or using separate zones) or, for example, set up the terminal as a service or information station which users can use to reach co-workers/customer service consultants.

Enable Voice over IP and set up the following options to best fit your needs.

1. Settings
SiteKiosk supports the use of any SIP gateway. All SiteKiosk requires is your access information for the provider you use.

A SIP gateway lets users make phone calls from within SiteKiosk.

Click on Settings to set up your SIP gateway options.

2. Payment and filter options
You can use Voice over IP and set up zones that allow you to bill, prohibit or provide free access to phone calls and SMS messages.

2.1 Add/edit/remove
The list is already populated with some standard providers. You can edit and remove entries and add your own.
2.2 Load/delete/update zones
Click on the "Load zones" to download a list from the Web that contains pre-configured rates for making phone calls and sending SMS messages that are applicable in various different countries.

When the list has been loaded, the button will switch from "Load zones" to "Erase zones." One click will erase all pre-configured zones even if they have been subsequently edited.

Click on the "Update zones" to check on the Web whether an updated list of zones is available and can be downloaded. If downloaded, the updates will overwrite the existing settings. This feature is intended for users who do not wish to modify the per-configured settings.

3. Visualization
Use the "Show dial pad" to provide users with a numeric keypad which they can use to enter telephone numbers.

You may select the option "Do not include country code for internal phone calls" to stop SiteKiosk from automatically adding a country code. This is especially useful if you require SiteKiosk to be able to dial internal numbers. Note that this option will only have an effect if the user selects "Specify a number ..." on the SitePhone interface. Otherwise, the country code will still be added if the user selects a country.

You can also create a set of service numbers. A button labeled with the service name you chose will be displayed which, when pressed, will cause SitePhone to automatically call the number you specified.

If you enable "Show application in separate window", the Voice over IP application will open in its own window rather than being displayed within the main SiteKiosk window.

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