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Scope of supply and installation

Every current version of the SiteKiosk installation file (sitekiosk.exe) always includes ALL features.

The design used for the Keyboards and the browser skins is based on HTML, JavaScript and the proprietary JavaScript extension SiteKiosk Object Model. Customizing an existing design or even creating an entirely new design is fairly easy. For more information, refer to this section of the help console. If a feature you need is not available in the SiteKiosk configuration tool, simply restart the installation process and select the option Repair/Add, which allows you to reinstall the desired feature.

The computer name of the computer you want to install SiteKiosk on must not be SiteKiosk. This is required in order to avoid problems during the installation process, because the installer will create a local Windows user account with the name SiteKiosk.
During installation, you can choose from the following options:

1. Standard installation

Installs SiteKiosk including all available features in the installation folder (C:\Program Files\SiteKiosk\).

2. Custom installation

Allows you to pick the components you wish to install along with the installation folder.

3. Silent installation

Installations can also be performed via the command line Interpreter and without the need for any interaction. Please observe the following notes in this regard:

Command line options that require a parameter must be specified without a space between option and parameter. For instance, while the input 
sitekiosk.exe /v"DEFAULTPASSWD=12mypasswd"
is valid, the syntax 
sitekiosk.exe /v "DEFAULTPASSWD=12mypasswd"
is not. Quotation marks enclosing the parameter of an option are not required unless the parameter includes a space. If the path of a parameter contains a space, you may have to use quotation marks within quotation Marks as shown in this example: sitekiosk.exe /v"INSTALLDIR=\"C:\My Files\"".
Valid parameters you can use include:

A passwort of your own choosing for the SiteKiosk user created during the installation process. Unless you define this parameter, the default password provisio will be used. Setting a password will be of particular importance in environments with strict password rules.

Your directory of choice for the installation.

By Default, the local SiteKiosk Windows user will be set to secure during the Installation process. This corresponds to setting this option to 1. If you do not want the user to be secure, set the value to \"\".

sitekiosk.exe /s /v"INSTALLDIR=\"C:\My Files\" INSTALLSYSTEMSECURITY=1 DEFAULTPASSWD=mypassword /qn"

For a list of all current parameters including examples, refer to our FAQs.

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