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Registering SiteKiosk

If you like the trial version, you can turn the version you installed on your computer into a full version by unlocking it using the license keyYou will not have to download the software again.

You will have to obtain a separate license for each computer on which you want to install and unlock SiteKiosk. You can order SiteKiosk directly from our webshop.

1. SiteKiosk license key

When registering SiteKiosk, you will receive an activation code:

Registration name : "company name 12345 - 1 license(s)"
Registration code : "MTWTC-9W6FP-6F9RK-BDTQC-R43B2"

The example above shows the current format for the registration information necessary to activate SiteKiosk.  

check Entering the license key correctly

You can use the Register button in the top right of the configuration tool or the registration dialog box that prompts you to enter your activation code when you launch an unregistered version of the SiteKiosk browser to eliminate the demo version restrictions by entering the license key you purchased.

Please enter both pieces of information in the corresponding fields of the registration dialog box, making sure that you provide ALL information BETWEEN the quotation marks WITHOUT entering the quotation marks themselves (including 1 license(s)).

Proceed by pressing the REGISTER button! If the information you entered is correct, you will receive a message to that effect, while you will be prompted to correct your input if the licensing information was incorrect.

When you enable a feature in SiteKiosk that is not covered by the license you purchased, SiteKiosk will behave like an unregistered version until you disable the respective feature again. This allows you to put features to the test for a certain period before activating them permanently when you like them by purchasing the corresponding license. You will, however, not have to request a new license key when you change your system or reinstall SiteKiosk. You can (re)install your license numerous times (e. g. for testing purposes) and even switch to a different computer.

License violations:
In much the same way as during the registration of Windows operating systems, the following information will be submitted to our main server so that we can verify your license.

  1. Registration name of the licensee
  2. Registration code of the licensee
  3. Number of registered licenses
  4. Company name and the name of the licensee
  5. IP address, email address, MAC address, and name of the machine to be licensed
  6. Windows name and version
  7. Internet Explorer version
  8. CPU information

    If license violations are evident, we reserve the right to take legal action.

    2. Information on updates

    2.1 Free updates
    Updates and phone support will be free for 12 months from the time you purchased your license. 

    The license you purchase is issued along with a license key which can be used with the version of SiteKiosk that is current at the time of purchase and all versions that are released within a period of 12 months after the date of purchase. The same applies to all new major releases of SiteKiosk.

    As an added bonus, these free updates will also include many new features that will be released during the period of eligibility. e. g. support for new payment devices.

    The online support offered on our website will remain free even after the 12-month period has elapsed.
    2.2 Updates at a charge 
    You will be able to purchase new versions at a reduced price after the 12 months period of free support and free updates ended. 

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