GetPricePerHourForURL Method

The GetPricePerHourForURL method determines the price per hour for a specified URL.


    [cur=] SiteKiosk.Plugins("SiteCash").GetPricePerHourForURL(url, if, zn)
    url String that specifies the URL.
    if Boolean value that indicates if the URL is a frame.
    zn String property that will be filled with the zone name.
Return Value
    Returns a Currency value that contains the price per hour for the specified URL.
Remarks Examples
    The following example shows the price and the zone name of a specified URL in an msg box.

    <SCRIPT TYPE="text/vbscript">
    Dim ZoneName
    Dim Price
    Dim SiteCash
    url = ""
    Set SiteCash = SiteKiosk.Plugins("SiteCash")
    price = SiteCash.GetPricePerHourForURL(url, False, ZoneName)

Applies to
    SiteKiosk v5.0 (and later versions).

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