Case Study - SMAR.T.OURISM

The project "SMAR.T.OURISM - The thematic Route of Castles" aims to promote cross-border regional tourism and make the region better known.

The Romanian region of Satu Mare and the Ukrainian town of Zakarpattya are separated by only 150 kilometers. This short distance is home to many historical castles and cultural sights. The project "SMAR.T.OURISM - The thematic Route of Castles" aims to promote cross-border regional tourism and make the region better known.

Tronca Florin Sandu from Totem Digital Romania, with the support of SiteKiosk Online, developed a modern and versatile kiosk solution to digitally convey information about the many historical castles and sights. The application is designed to draw tourists' attention to the diverse cultural offerings and historical buildings in the area.

The Challenge

Numerous historical buildings and castles as well as a traditional culture characterise the Romanian-Ukrainian border region. However, this area is rather unknown for tourism. The challenge of the application is to positively promote the region's tourism.

The greatest difficulty of the project implementation is to digitally prepare the most relevant information and to present it attractively for the users. The use of many high-resolution images and videos as well as the many fields of action within the application require a powerful server that provides the data quickly and without disruptions and can be updated regardless of location.

A terminal was placed at each of three different locations, which would digitally present location-based information. The start screen of the kiosk application should display location-based content so that each terminal has its own start page.

A particular challenge lies in the diversity of languages in the border region. To ensure that as many users as possible can benefit from the information, an automated translation function should be integrated.

In close cooperation with SiteKiosk Online, Tronca Florin Sandu (Area Sales Manager, Totem Digital Romania) pursued the goal of developing a digital information solution to address potential tourists and inform them about the cultural offer and the diverse sights from the region.

The Solution

For the project "SMAR.T.OURISMUS - The Thematic Route of Castles", a total of three physical information terminals were placed at selected locations. The locations of Karolyi Castle, Lónyay Castle and Vécsey Castle were chosen for this purpose.

Each individual terminal is operated with a site-specific SiteKiosk Online software. Depending on the location, the start page displays a large image of the corresponding castle as an eye-catcher.

Seven different buttons on the start page can be used to display information about the project "SMAR.T.OURISMUS - The Thematic Route of Castle" and about the routing of the addressed castle route. In addition, you can access information pages on the respective castles at the various locations, supplemented by further insights into the region. A calendar of events provides additional information on upcoming events related to the historic castles and cultural holidays.

In the region between Satu Mare and the Ukrainian town of Zakarpattya there are about 30 castles and buildings with historical and cultural significance. A separate page has been produced for each individual building. There, exciting information such as the exact location, years of construction and the cultural significance of the building is presented in a text with pictures and videos. Special text containers and elements were used for this, which also allow texts to be turned on a page and images and videos to be displayed in full screen.

Specially programmed buttons give users guidance on each page to go either to the previous page, to the building directory or to the home page. This prevents users from getting lost in the application.

The Implementation

One of the most important elements of the application is the integrated language converter. This can be found on the start page as well as on all sub-pages. The task of this tool is to translate the content of each page into four different languages. This is necessary to eliminate the language barriers that often arise in border regions. The languages served are Romanian, Ukrainian, Hungarian and English. This guarantees a multilingual user experience and makes the information presented comprehensible.

For the realisation of this project and for the presentation of the versatile content and designs, Torca Florin Sandu (Area Sales Manager, Totem Digital Romania) used almost the entire portfolio of design possibilities of SiteKiosk Online.

Numerous high-resolution images and videos as well as a multitude of text elements were used, which make the use of the terminal innovative, modern and easy. The many action fields make the entire application interactive and increase the sustainable user experience.

Due to the implementation of the many media contents, data and the language converter, a large amount of data was created during the implementation, which can be processed by the SiteKiosk Online Server without any problems. This means that even complex implementations can be operated smoothly at different locations.

The Perspective

The structured design of the interface and the media used, especially the image and video elements, effectively inform the user about the many historic castles and buildings in the area. An overview of other cultural places and events is created. The physical terminals in combination with SiteKiosk Online together form an ideal local tourist information centre and complement analogue travel guides.

The ease of switching between languages makes it easier to operate the terminals and understand the content presented. This is also an advantage for other regions where several languages are spoken. Increasing visitor numbers would make the area more attractive and at the same time have a positive economic impact.

The Advantages

  • Usable in four different languages
  • Integration of multimedia content (images, videos, texts)
  • Large amounts of data can be processed and updated from any location
  • Information on cultural events and leisure activities
  • Location-based content and live information (digital weather report)


The project "SMAR.T.OURISM - The Thematic Route of Castles" was launched by the Romanian Association for Intercommunal Development in Sature Mare. The Romanian media company Totem Digital Romania, which specialises in the production and sale of touch screen terminals, was commissioned for the professional implementation. Tronca Florin Sandu (Area Sales Manager, Totem Digital Romania) visualised the entire kiosk solution with the support of PROVISIO GmbH.

Case Study

Here you can download the case study as a PDF.


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