Nous vous tenons informés des nouvelles fonctionnalités et des modifications importantes de SiteKiosk et vous apportons les dernières nouvelles au sujet de la protection des systèmes Kiosk, le Digital Signage et les tendances numériques dans le monde Kiosk.


Environmental protection with solar energy and built-in energy-saving mode

5. juin 2023

5th June is International Environment Day. SiteKiosk Online contributes to environmental protection through energy-saving kiosk applications and modern energy technology.

Case Studies

Case Study: Interactive Information Terminals

5. juin 2023

Digital kiosk terminals to promote tourism in Romania

Developer Blog

DevBlog: Build a button to trigger an action event

25. mai 2023

This devblog entry describes how to create a button with which you can trigger a system shutdown or restart.

SiteKiosk Online

SiteKiosk Online 1.2 is now available on the cloud platform

11. mai 2023

Main feature of this release is the new theming feature. From now on, the theming feature allows you to easily switch between predefined themes in new templates.

SiteKiosk Online

SiteKiosk Online is and remains GDPR compliant

9. mai 2023

All data generated during the use of SiteKiosk Online is stored on an external GDPR compliant server of the service provider PlusServer GmbH.

Developer Blog

DevBlog: Display the device name of a SiteKiosk Online client in a project

1. mars 2023

This devblog entry describes how to display the device name of the client an alert dialog or in a text element.

Developer Blog

DevBlog: How to configure buttons to start external applications

2. janvier 2023

This devblog entry describes how to generate buttons for launching external applications in the SiteKiosk Online Client for Windows via the Start menu or the taskbar.


Merry Christmas

23. décembre 2022

We wish everyone a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!


SiteKiosk Online 1.1 released

12. décembre 2022

SiteKiosk Online 1.1 is now available on the cloud platform. The installer for on-premise servers will be available in January.

Developer Blog

DevBlog: Generate a QR code from the displayed web page

27. octobre 2022

You can use a script to generate a QR code from the web page displayed in the browser.

Developer Blog

DevBlog: User Logoff on Screensaver Activation

26. septembre 2022

In SiteKiosk Online, you can configure the logoff in a way that with session log off the Windows user is logged off.

Developer Blog

DevBlog: Activate Azure AD SSO in SiteKiosk Online

18. août 2022

Allow using single sign on with Azure Active Directory in SiteKiosk Online Windows.

Developer Blog

DevBlog: Launching UWP Apps in SiteKiosk Online

25. juillet 2022

In SiteKiosk Online, you have the option to launch UWP Apps using the Actions feature.


SiteKiosk Online has arrived!

7. juillet 2022

We are pleased to offer SiteKiosk Online, a new generation of our kiosk software.

Developer Blog

DevBlog: Use Cookie Extractor

9. juin 2022

In SiteKiosk Online you are able to allow cookie settings in advance over the project settings by using the Cookie Extractor.