Nous vous tenons informés des nouvelles fonctionnalités et des modifications importantes de SiteKiosk et vous apportons les dernières nouvelles au sujet de la protection des systèmes Kiosk, le Digital Signage et les tendances numériques dans le monde Kiosk.


New SiteKiosk Online update frequency

7. novembre 2023

SiteKiosk Online is updated even faster and brought up to date with the latest version thanks to an improved update structure.

Case Studies

Case Study: Integration of digital info steles into a trade fair concept

25. octobre 2023

The use of interactive kiosk terminals on exhibition stands can have a positive effect on the entire trade fair process and promote the interaction rate of visitors.

SiteKiosk Online

SiteKiosk Online secures 500 checkout systems in luxury department stores

19. octobre 2023

The KaDeWe Group uses SiteKiosk Online to secure the checkout systems in three different department stores, thus ensuring a secure payment process.

Developer Blog

DevBlog: How to launch applications from the download manager

4. octobre 2023

The following developer blog entry describes how to open certain file types in predefined applications over the download manager.


Civil protection with SiteKiosk Online

27. septembre 2023

Thanks to the new Katwarn connection, SiteKiosk Online is able to display local and nationwide warnings in Germany and to support civil protection and disaster management.


Erwin Hymer Group with successful trade fair appearance thanks to 44 kiosk terminals

5. septembre 2023

The international caravan manufacturer, the Erwin Hymer Group, used SiteKiosk Online for the first time at the Caravan Salon 2023 in Düsseldorf.

SiteKiosk Online

First AI-based feature developed for SiteKiosk Online

28. août 2023

The use of artificial intelligence will also be possible for SiteKiosk Online in the future.


Successful participation in a first-aider training course

23. août 2023

The PROVISIO team successfully completed a professional first aid course to promote safety in the workplace.

SiteKiosk Online

SiteKiosk Online celebrates anniversary and enjoys worldwide popularity

26. juillet 2023

In the summer of 2022, we, PROVISIO GmbH, presented the latest generation of our in-house kiosk software: SiteKiosk Online.

Case Studies

Case Study: Modern Visitor and Data Management in Public Buildings

17. juillet 2023

Digital Kiosk Application Enables Efficient Citizen Administration in Belgian Authorities.

Developer Blog

DevBlog: Trigger video play from another client

11. juillet 2023

The latest SiteKiosk-DevBlog article describes how to control videos across multiple devices.

SiteKiosk Online

SiteKiosk Online 1.3 is now available on the cloud platform

28. juin 2023

In the new version, users can create their own themes, customize or deleting existing ones. This allows even more personalized customization of kiosk applications.

SiteKiosk Online Tutorial

Getting started: From client setup to project publishing

14. juin 2023

How to publish a SiteKiosk Online project quickly and easily in just seven steps?


Environmental protection with solar energy and built-in energy-saving mode

5. juin 2023

5th June is International Environment Day. SiteKiosk Online contributes to environmental protection through energy-saving kiosk applications and modern energy technology.

Case Studies

Case Study: Interactive Information Terminals

5. juin 2023

Digital kiosk terminals to promote tourism in Romania