New SiteKiosk Online update frequency


New SiteKiosk Online update frequency

7. novembre 2023

SiteKiosk Online is updated even faster and brought up to date with the latest version thanks to an improved update structure.

Our SiteKiosk Online software is constantly being developed and optimised. We improve SiteKiosk Online at regular intervals with a wide range of feature and function updates. Previously, bug fixes and service content were part of these update packages, which were usually released four times a year.

In order to minimise the time between updates and to be able to publish bug fixes and service content more quickly, we are now following a new update structure:
This separates service and bug fixing updates from the large feature and function update packages. From now on, version number-related service updates will be published with the aim of fixing minor problems and errors within the current version.

This new update structure enables us to fix faulty processes within the current SiteKiosk Online version with pinpoint accuracy and at the same time optimise the use of the software.

The latest service update for version 1.3.10046 is now available and contains the following content:

SiteKiosk Online V1.3.10046 (Bugfix & Service Release)

– Electron to version 27 with chromium 118.0.5993.89
– Fixed Smart Kiosk Control not generating a new QR-Code after logout
– Fixed project publish not working in some rare cases
– Improved the design of the licensing boxes on the dashboard
– Various bug fixes and optimizations

The next feature update for SiteKiosk Online version 1.4 is scheduled for January 2024.