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Content settings

Use the Content settings to define an inactivity timeout after which the content on the display will reset.

Please note:
The Idle timeout (screen saver) setting is only applied when SiteCaster is used as the sole application in the primary monitor. In all other configuration options (SiteCaster only in the second screen, in a split screen or as a separate screen saver), the wait time before the screen saver is activated is configured under Screensaver in the SiteKiosk configuration.

1. Properties 

1.1 Idle timeout (screen saver)

The Idle timeout (screen saver) value determines the period of user inactivity before the project/display is reset to its starting configuration (closing pop-up windows, resetting sequence elements, etc.). For example: Setting the value to 300 seconds will reset the display and close all pop-up windows if the system does not register any user activity for 5 minutes.

Please note:
When determining whether it is safe to restart SiteKiosk to apply App-Updates the reset timeout value is taken into consideration. In order to be able to display updated content it is important that the client machines are kept up to date (they need to run the same version as the SiteCaster Editor). We therefore advise against using an extremely large value for the reset timeout setting!

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