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SiteCaster is constantly being improved, so from time to time app updates are sent to the clients. To properly update the software, the client machine has to restart the app. To ensure SiteKiosk does not restart the app while a user is actively using the computer, an automatic restart can only be triggered when the user has been inactive for a certain amount of time. The threshold SiteKiosk uses to detect user inactivity depends on the idle timeout (screensaver) setting (SiteCaster was configured as the main application) or on SiteKiosk's screensaver setting (SiteCaster runs in a split screen, on the secondary monitor or as a screensaver). While operating SiteKiosk, an app update will only be triggered when a new project or change of a project with a newer version of SiteCaster is published on the client that still has an older app version. During an app update period, the last published project may be delayed because a published project from a newer SiteCaster version will not be displayed until the app update is complete. 

Please note:
In case you have set SiteKiosk's idle timeout to a very high value, and the maintenance interval has been removed, you need to manually restart SiteKiosk (using SiteRemote for example) to ensure published projects are properly displayed on the client machines after an app update! This is necessary to avoid inconsistencies and errors that could be caused by clients not having been updated to the version the machine running the SiteCaster Editor is using.

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