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Standard elements

When you start a new project the SiteCaster Editor offers a range of standard elements that you can use to create your content. Pressing the plus button will bring up the New element for container dialog listing these elements for you to choose from. After pressing the Edit button in the toolbar, the element's properties dialog is shown. Here you can you adjust a wide range of parameters and options to your liking. 

Additionally users can create Element templates based on standard elements. These templates are then listed under Favorite templates for this container and/or Templates for other containers in the New element for container dialog.

The following chapters provide detailed information on the 12 standard elements (and their respective properties) that are currently available: 

  1. Basic element properties
  2. Image
  3. News item
  4. Text
  5. Time/Date
  6. Video
  7. Webpage
  8. Weather display
  9. Container Vertical/Horizontal) 
  10. Sequence (slideshow)
  11. Overflow container
  12. Swap container
  13. Container (Free positioning)

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