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Clicking the Preview button opens a preview of the currently opened project in a new browser window. You can use the preview to check your project for display problems before publishing it to your client machines, and test functionality like the automatic closing of popups, proper timing of slideshow transitions, display conditions etc.

1. Preview settings

1.1 Time of preview

In the Preview menu bar you can set a Time of preview. After pressing the Apply button elements in your project that make use of time and date in some way (for example to determine whether to display certain scheduled content/elements) will use the values from the Time of preview box instead of the local time provided by the computer's operating system. With pressing the Set user idle button you can simulate the Idle timeout (screensaver) setting of the project.

1.2 Secondary Monitor and Split screen

Using the Monitor drop-down menu, you can simulate the display of your SiteCaster project on the Primary monitor or Secondary monitor. In addition, you can use the drop-down menu Split screen to simulate the display of your SiteCaster project of the respective Split screen 1 and Split screen 2.

1.3 Full screen
To get the most unobstructed view of your project you can switch your preview window into full screen mode by pressing the Full screen button in the menu bar. You can deactivate full screen mode by either pressing the full screen button again, or simply pressing the ESC key on your keyboard. 

1.4 Showing/Hiding the menu bar

To not obstruct the content of the preview the menu bar is automatically hidden after a short while. To access the menu bar, simply move the mouse in the top area of the preview window and the menu bar will fade in again.

Please note:
The way your project is displayed within the editor might not always accurately reflect the way the project is displayed on the client machine. Therefore we recommend that you use the preview to check for potential problems before publishing your projects.

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