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This section will show you how to publish your projects to client machines.

1. Publishing projects and removing content from remote machines

1.1 Publishing projects

To publish a project to client machines, open the project in the SiteCaster Editor and select Publish from the Menu bar. This will open the Publish page on which you can select the client machines you want to publish the project to. After selecting your target machines and pressing the Publish now button you are shown an overview; Confirming your choices by pressing the Publish button will start the data transfer to the client machines. The Machine overview dialog will automatically open and display the current status of the client machines. The green icon in the Connected column indicates whether the respective client has configured SiteCaster and is currently connected to the server. The yellow icon indicates a contact within the last hour. The red icon indicates that the contact is interrupted for more than 1 hour. 

In some cases the published content might not be displayed immediately on the client machine. This can have of multiple reasons:
  1. At the time of publishing the client machine is applying an app-update. Please read the chapter on App-Updates for more details.
  2. The client machine does not currently have a connection to the server.
  3. Because of a slow connection the published project has not been completely transferred to the client machine yet.
Please note:
Please also note that a valid license is required in order to publish projects to multiple client machines.

1.2 Removing content from remote machines

To remove content from a client machine you need to de-select it in the machine list on the Publish page, and then start the publishing process by clicking the Publish now button. The overview pop-up will list the machines the content will be removed from. Confirm your selection by pressing Publish. Alternatively you can elect to delete the entire project which will cause it to be removed from all client machines.

1.3 User rights

To allow restricted users to publish a project, a user with full access has to enable this option. Please see the section on User rights for detailed information on this topic.

2. Assigning machines for publishing

You can filter the machine list on the left side of the Publish page by creating filter rules. This can come in quite handy when you are working in a team with a lot of machines, but want to publish your project only to a few of them. You can use the Machine name input field to directly search for names containing certain strings or you can use the check boxes to filter machines by other attributes provided by SiteRemote:
Checking a checkbox in one of the categories will list all machines that match the selected value. If you select multiple values within a category, the list will show all machines that have any of the values (e.g. checking "Germany" and "France" under country will list all machines that are either in Germany or in France). If you check values in different categories, the list will only show machines that have a match in every category (e.g. checking "Germany" under country and checking "Public terminals" under folder will only show machines that are located in Germany and are also listed in the Public terminals folder).

Next to the Select All checkbox is the Reload button, which can be used to update the list of registered machines. 
Please note:
Before a user can assign machines for publishing in the SiteCaster Editor, the user needs to be given access to the machine folder of the SiteRemote team. For a detailed description of how to give users access to machine folders, please see the section SiteCaster and SiteRemote.

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