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SiteCaster and SiteRemote

This section will give an overview of SiteRemote settings that directly influence the way users can use the SiteCaster Editor.

1. Basic SiteCaster settings in SiteRemote

A newly created user must be assigned the SiteCaster - Access page / Access application permission via a user role (e.g. SiteCaster User) in order to be able to log into the Site Caster editor. For more information on assigning rights see the SiteRemote Help. 

1.1 SiteCaster Editor language

The SiteCaster Editor automatically uses the language of the user as set in SiteRemote. To change a user's language settings in SiteRemote, go to Users and click the Edit button for that user. Under User settings, you can then set the language options.
Please note:
For the language settings to take effect in the SiteCaster Editor, the user has to log out and then log back in.

1.2 Setting up user groups in SiteRemote

In order to use the Rights management system of the SiteCaster Editor, you first need to create user groups in SiteRemote. Log in to SiteRemote and navigate to the Users tab. Then select User groups from the menu bar and create a New group. You can set a name for the new group in the Edit user group dialog that is then shown, and assign the group to selected users.

Please note:
After users have been assigned to a user group, the user has to log out of the SiteCaster Editor for the changes to take effect. After logging back in the updated group assignments are properly taken into account by the editor. Please see the chapter on User rights for more details.

1.3 Setting up a restricted user group that cannot create or copy projects

To prevent restricted users from creating SiteCaster projects, you need to create a new user group that has the SiteCaster - Page Access / Application Access right but not the Create new SiteCaster projects right.

Please note:
For more information on creating user groups and assigning user rights please refer to the SiteRemote Help.

1.4 Role assignment for accessing machines in the SiteCaster Editor

To make client machines accessible for publishing in the SiteCaster editor, the user on SiteRemote must be assigned the user role Show Machines - Show All via User Roles on SiteRemote and the user must have the machine folder permission (right click on the machine folder - Folder Permissions) to display the clients in the SiteCaster Editor on the Publish page. On a basic level, it is sufficient to assign the user role SiteCaster User which has the rights Full access to all machine folders (Add, Read, Edit, Write, Delete) and Full Access and Show Machines - Show All to new users to enable them to view machines in the SiteCaster Editor's Publish dialog. For more information please see the SiteRemote Help

Please note:
Users need to log out of the SiteCaster Editor for these changes to take effect.

1.5 Control SiteCaster usage on SiteRemote (Auditing)

You can view SiteCaster's history on SiteRemote at Administration -> Auditing to track and evaluate the use of SiteCaster.

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