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You can use the support section of our website (http://www.provisio.com) to request support via email or contact our support team via telephone.

1. General support information
1.1 What does support cover
Our product support covers all requests that directly refer to the usage of SiteCaster:
1.2 What support does NOT cover
The following task are not covered under our free product support:
2. Support via telephone

Within 12 months after purchasing a SiteCaster license, we offer support via telephone free of charge. You can find the contact information here.
Online support via our website is available to you free of charge even after the 12 month period has expired.

3. Requesting support
3.1 Online resources
You can find our extensive support area on our website http://www.provisio.com/
3.2 In-app support within the SiteCaster Editors
The SiteCaster Editor comes bundled with an extensive in-app documentation. On every editor page you will find a Help Menu that provides additional tips and information about configuring the software (Quick Help), as well as a link to this documentation (Help). Additionally, you can find information about specific settings inside each element's preferences by clicking the Help Buttons located in the dialogs' title bars as well as next to various settings.
Opening the various sub-pages of the Editor, or using specific editor features will cause the relevant Quick Help Dialogues to pop up. You can prevent these dialogues from showing up again by checking a checkbox.

You can use the Show dialogs button in your User Settings to reset the dialogues so they will once again show up when you navigate within the editor.
3.3 Personal support via E-Mail
For specific support requests sending us an email is the preferred way to get in touch. Here you can find our email addresses.

To be able to quickly resolve your specific problem, please provide our support staff with a detailed description of the problem, ideally with a step-by-step way how to reproduce it. We also ask you to please include the name of the software component you are having trouble with (including version and build numbers, e.g. "SiteKiosk 9.4 Build 3853") and the operating system version the machine is running. Furthermore please include the name of your SiteRemote team, or - in case you are running your own SiteRemote server - information on your server. In some cases, it can also be helpful to send our support team your SiteKiosk configuration file and the latest SiteKiosk log files.

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