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System requirements

To use SiteCaster, SiteKiosk for Windows version 9.4 or higher is required on the client-side. On the server-side you need a SiteRemote team account with a valid SiteCaster License. To use SiteCaster on a client system running the Android operating system, SiteKiosk Android version 2.7 or higher is required.

For detailed information on how to configure a client machine please see the SiteKiosk Documentation

To display webpage elements on your clients you need SiteKiosk for Windows version 9.6 or higher and SiteKiosk for Android version 2.8 or higher.

To display animations on your clients you need SiteKiosk for Windows version 9.6 or higher.

The use of the display conditions Primary Monitor / Secondary Monitor and Split screen 1/2 are only supported with SiteKiosk Windows Version 9.7 or later.

Please note:
The SiteCaster Editor is only supported by the Chrome Browser and Mozilla Firefox. Because the browser on the client machines is based on Chrome, we recommend using the Chrome Browser when working with the Editor. Using Firefox the content representation in the Editor might - in some rare cases - deviate from the output on the client machine. 

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