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Sequence (slideshow)

The Sequence element is a container element that allows you to rotate through its content based on a timer - just like a slideshow. You can use it to display any content, be it text, images, other container or page templates, etc. You can individually adjust the duration each element is shown. The only exception are videos; a Sequence will automatically display video elements for the entire duration of the video. 

Please note:
Containers can also be placed in a sequence to display multiple elements at the same time in a slide show.

1. Sequence properties

1.1 Presentation - Period of time, Transitions

You can set the default duration an element inside the sequence is shown by adjusting the 
duration value under the Presentation tab. Video elements will ignore this value and always play for their full duration before the sequence moves to the next element. In the Transitions section, you can enable element-to-element fade-over with the Use transitions (2s crossfade) function.

1.2 Layout - Type

Elements inside a sequence can be freely positioned as in containers with free layout. When creating a Sequence, the layout type is by default sequence. With the layout function Type, each container element can be converted into a container (Vertical/Horizontal), a sequence, an overflow containera swap container or container (Free positioning)The Type function in the Layout tab determines the arrangement and display of the elements contained in a container element. For more information on theme layout type, click here.

1.3 Adding elements to a Sequence

You can add elements to a sequence by clicking the plus button in the container itself or you can also press the new button in the main toolbar or the element toolbar (after you have selected the sequence or an element within the sequence) to insert an element. You can adjust the order in which elements are displayed by selecting elements and using the arrow buttons in the toolbar to change their position in the queue. With the arrow keys in the display time box of  the element toolbar you can define the display period of inserted elements to the second. Video elements will ignore this value and always play for their full duration before the sequence moves to the next element. Using the buttons Select next/previous element in the element toolbar you can quickly check the order of the displayed elements and adjust them if necessary.
Please note:
It is currently not possible to manually set a duration for video elements inside a sequence; video elements will automatically play for their full duration before the sequence switches to the next element. Also sequences in sequences are played automatically in full length. The duration of a sequence within a sequence is set automatically to the total duration of the elements in the subsequence.

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