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Overflow container

Overflow containers are container elements that provide two methods to display more content than would originally fit inside their boundaries: Rotation and Paging. Paging allows users to manually browser through "pages" of elements, while Rotation will use a timer to rotate elements in and out of the container. For example: An overflow container set to Rotation can display a list of News item elements, adding elements to the top of the list and fading out the ones at the bottom every couple of seconds. But of course a variety of other elements can be used inside of overflow containers, too.


 Overflow container properties

1.1 Presentation - Interval

Under the Presentation tab you can choose between two Overflow behavior modes: Rotation or Paging. If you select Rotation, you can specify the time between each rotation interval. If you choose Paging you can adjust the style of the buttons the users use to browser through the "pages". Additionally, if you are using news entry elements, you can automatically have them sorted by date in ascending or descending order.

Please note:
The way elements are displayed inside overflow containers partially depends on the properties and settings of the overflow container. The sorting of elements in an overflow container is only visible in the preview or on a client.

 Layout - Type
With creating an Overflow container, the layout type is by default Overflow handling. With the layout function Type, each container element can be converted into a container (Vertical/Horizontal), a sequence, an overflow container, a swap container or a container (Free positioning). The Type function in the Layout tab determines the arrangement and display of the elements contained in a container element. For more information on theme layout type, click here.

1.3 Adding elements to an overflow container
You can add elements to an empty overflow container by clicking the plus icon in the container itself or you can also press the new button in the main toolbar or the element toolbar (after you have selected the overflow container or an element within the container) to insert an element. This will open the New element for container dialog where you can choose from a list of Standard elements. You can adjust the order in which elements are displayed by selecting elements and using the arrow buttons below to change their position in the container. 

Please note:
The way content inside of overflow containers is displayed in the SiteCaster Editor can differ depending on the rotation and paging functions in connection with the "Stretch" setting of the sub-elements. Please use the Preview function to test that elements are properly displayed before publishing projects to your client machines.

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