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News item

The news entry element combines text content and an image into a single compact element. News entry elements are well suited to create short announcements, news, event calendars, etc. They are often used as child elements of overflow containers which can automatically rotate through the news items, or display them on pages the user can click through manually.

1. News item properties

1.1 Date

You can set a Date for your news entry and have it displayed in a variety of format and languages. When using news entries inside of overflow containers the date can be used to sort the entries (chronological order).

1.2 Headline and text

Set and format a Headline for your news entry. Then use the Text editor to create the text "body" of your news entry. The text editor offers a variety of methods to format your text, with additional functions available by right-clicking or using standard keyboard shortcuts (e.g. copy & paste). 

1.3 Image

Use the Image option to add an image to your news entry. As with the standard image element you have a variety of options available to adjust position, size, and alignment of the uploaded image. 

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